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The only International airport is situated 32 km (20 miles) north of Colombo in a city called Katunayake. It is called the “Bandaranaike International Airport”.

Getting to the city:

Most hotels and tour operator’s offer transport from the airport; if possible confirm in advance. Buses and taxis are available. Also there is a train station close to the airport, but visitors are advised to arrange their own transportation.

Arrival and Departure Terminals:

Entry to the Bandaranaike International Airport, Katunayake, is not restricted anymore to visitors. There are several shops in the transit and departure lounge of the Bandaranaike International Airport which sell gems, ceramics, handicrafts, batiks, cut-flowers, books and picture postcards of Sri Lanka.

Time :

GMT + 5 & ½


Restaurants :

24 hour service restaurants inside the terminals

Banks :

Banks are located in the arrivals and departure lobbies which give 24 hour service

Mobile Phone Rental :

A mobile phone (GSM) rental booth is located at the arrival terminal at the public concourse. You can easily rent out a post paid mobile connection for your use in Sri Lanka. Top up cards are readily available in major towns. Advanced mobile technology such as 3G and GPRS service is available in the country.

Post Office :

Located at the arrival porch and transit lounge

Left luggage counter :

Located at the outer porch of the arrival terminal /24 hour service. 24 hour Hotline +94 (0) 11 2252861

First Class & Business Lounge

Duty Free Shops

Visa & Currency

Visa for Foreign nationals to enter Sri Lanka

A Visa is required for Foreign nationals entering Sri Lanka. You could either get your visa before your arrival to Sri Lanka through ONLINE OR on arrival. (Fees vary for these services). It will be valid for a period of 30 days and extensions will be granted on request with / without a fee depending on the reason for stay. You should hold a Passport valid for six months or more. Please Visit :
Please Visit :

Online Charges (Subject to change without prior Notice)
SAARC Nation Members - US$ 15.00
NON Members - US$ 30.00

Online Arrival (Subject to change without prior Notice)
SAARC Nation Members - US$ 20.00
NON Members - US$ 35.00

Please contact us for VISA assistance, if required.


The currency in Sri Lanka is the Rupee. The value fluctuates with world market rates. All commercial banks are authorized to exchange money and so are most tourist class hotels. American Express, Master Card and Visa Card are also widely accepted.

Travelers Cheques

Widely accepted in banks and money exchanges, a 1% stamp duty is payable, plus a small commission.


Common in Large towns

Videoing and photography.

Photography & Videoing near government or military buildings including checkpoints is prohibited & It is considered offensive to pose for photographs in front of a Buddha statue.

Child Abuse

Sri Lanka has a number of laws on child protection and the prevention of child abuse including the Sale of Children, Child Prostitution and Child Pornography. Under domestic law, the definition of a child is anyone below the age of eighteen years and child abuse includes all acts of sexual violence against, trafficking in and cruelty to children.

The law prohibits the use of children in exploitative labour or illegal activities. The penalties for sexual exploitation and child trafficking range from five to twenty years imprisonment and an unspecified fine. Procurers and those who knowingly allow a child to be abused on their premises also face the same sentences as those directly abusing a child.

Drinking Water

Food and waterborne diseases are a primary cause for ill health in travellers. Visitors should only drink bottled water, avoid ice in drinks, and take care to eat well-cooked food. Bottled water, cartons of fruit juice and bottles of soft drink are usually safe to drink.


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