Train travel is becoming more and more popular in Sri Lanka.

The trains are the cheapest and safest way of traveling. It is an enjoyable experience. From the Colombo Central Railaway Station (Pettah) travelers can take their trains to different destinations.

Started in 1864, the railway network comprises nine lines radiating from the capital Colombo. The most famous and the beautiful route are considered traveling from Colombo into the hill country via Kandy and Nuwara Eliya before terminating in Badulla. This journey offers spectacular mountain views as the train winds its way past breathtaking waterfalls and through well landscaped tea estates. There is also a famous train line for tourists traveling along the south coast from Colombo to Matara which stops in main tourist destinations namely Bentota, Hikkaduwa and Galle. There is also a train to the East (Trincomalee), which travels through the Cultural Triangle.

Trains link the major cities and have several classes

1st class sleeper. This option is available on a few overnight trains. – Not Recommended
Observation car.

This option is available on the few daytime trains from Colombo to Kandy, Nuwara Eliya and Badulla. The observation car is the most comfort way of traveling in the trains in Sri Lanka which should be reserved well in advance. This option is highly recommended
1st class Air conditioned seats car. Only available on one or two trains.
2nd & 3rd class Seats available on all trains. 
Unreserved seats, where you buy a ticket, get in get out on and sit in any place you prefer.

The rail system in Sri Lanka is not punctual and also for some routes the train can be slower than travelling by road. Delays are common.

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Viceroy Special - Charter Train

A ride on this unique LUXURY STEAM TRAIN to Hill Capital is one of the most picturesque rail journeys in the world! As you journey through, in the modern and relaxing comfort, you are sure to witness and experience a way of life that has existed since time immemorial.

The "Viceroy Special" is a 75 year old private train and the only steam train still in operation in Sri Lanka. The train has two air-conditioned observation saloons furnished in period style, with 64 plush reclining seats and individual adjustable tables. A public address system is available for guides to describe details of the journey or for suitable music to be broadcast. Each saloon has an adjoining smokers' lounge and a modern toilet.

There is also a restaurant car, elegantly furnished with Edwardian ribbed fans and teak-trimmed wood paneling is complete with a fully equipped kitchen and a well complemented bar.

The "Viceroy Special" transports guests throughout the rail system in Sri Lanka. Especially popular are trips to & from Kandy and the tea plantations of the hill country and down the west coast to the beach resorts. Being steam-hauled, the train can stop on request and guests can photograph scenic beauty spots and even ride in the engine driver's cabin.

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